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English for Corporate Sector

English is used widely in the corporate sector for all sorts of communication be it business deals or a mere email. Verbal communications with clients (both foreign and local) are mostly done in English so speaking correct English is absolutely necessary. Good English language skill is not just required for taking care of your job responsibilities properly, but it can contribute significantly to your career growth. Read more 

English for Students

English in recent times has become an integral part of higher education. It is not just higher studies in English language but for other subjects to the knowledge of English is required. Most of the books and research materials are in English. Moreover, if a student aspires to study abroad, acquaintance with English language is a must. Read more

English for Teachers

Teachers require good communication skills the most for continuing the teaching profession. Knowledge of English will help the teachers in getting for confident as good English boost confidence significantly.

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English for Call Centers / BPOs

BPO sector is a booming sector in many Asian countries. This profession requires good English communication skills with good accent as they mostly have to interact with people from other countries.

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English for Housewives

Housewives these days require communicating well in English. Be it for parties or school meeting of their children. The knowledge of English gives confidence and boosts up one’s spirit.

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What is English language immersion?

English language immersion is a new scientific approach of language training. The aim is not just to teach language in class but to integrate the knowledge of English into the students through various other subjects like sociology, math and history. This method in recent times has evolved as the most successful one for teaching foreign language. It is seen that through the English Immersion program more and more students had successfully acquired native like proficiency in the language.