American TESOL Institute, India

English Language and Career

English is an indispensable language for career growth or for getting a job in today’s age. The knowledge of English is required for all fields now even in the non English speaking countries. Most of the job sectors in many countries like India, Philippines and Singapore require English totally. In other non English speaking countries in the world where English is only a foreign language, the prevalence of this language is increasing day by day. English is not just language of the elite class now, it is mandatory for people who want a brilliant career.

There are certain sectors, where knowledge of English is absolutely mandatory.

Hospitality Industry - Knowledge of English, especially well spoken English skill is absolutely necessary for this industry. Tourism sector today is growing at a fast pace and English, is emerging as the language of communication between the locals and the tourists.

Aviation or Navigation sector - All works in the aviation and the navigation section in the world is done in English. This language is the official language of this sector and people who want a career in these two sectors need to know both written and spoken English well.

BPO Sector - the Asian countries today are very popular BPO destinations. As the job of the professionals out here is to interact with the native English speakers, it is necessary to have impeccable knowledge of English. For a great career in the BPO Industry good pronunciation skill is also necessary.

Research Scholars - most of the scientific documents of the world are in English and 80% of the research materials stored in world computers are also in this language. So for higher education the knowledge of English language is very important.

Employees of MNC - the professionals at the multinational companies require the knowledge of English the most. The main mode of communication between the offices in various parts of the world is English. Thus good hold over this language is mandatory.

Other Professions - It cannot be said in today’s world that English is just for a certain section of people. This language today is the global language, which all professionals need for their career growth.